What makes Medical Grade SANI-99 a preferred hand and surface disinfectant?
  • With Medical Grade SANI-99™ you can never run out of disinfectant. As long as you have a Medical Grade SANI-99 sachet with you, and have access to water and a container, you will have a powerful and an effective disinfectant.
  • One Medical Grade SANI-99™ sachet weighs only 6g. This means that you can always carry sachets in your handbag, pocket or car without taking up any space.
  • Because you don’t have to buy a new bottle every time when your disinfectant is finish, there is no comparison in affordability.
  • Our company is against plastic contamination and therefore promotes with Medical Grade SANI-99™ ; “ONE BOTTLE FOR LIFE”.
  • It is more effective and much safer to use than 70% alcohol-based products.
Is Medical Grade SANI-99 tested in an accredited laboratory?

Medical Grade SANI-99 is always tested in SANAS and European Standard ILAC-MRA accredited laboratories.

How effective is Medical Grade SANI-99™ as a disinfectant?

It has passed the stringent European Standards test across the globe.

  • It has passed the EN1276, EN 13697, BS EN 1040-2005 and the EN 14476 corona virus test.
Has it been tested for the use of a hand sanitizer?

Yes. An additional EN 1276 test was done and it kills 99,999% pathogenic bacteria in 10, 20 and 30 seconds.

Is there a difference between a sanitiser and Medical Grade SANI-99™?
Yes. A sanitizer reduces the number of germs on a surface by at least 99,9% whereas a disinfectant will kill pathogens at 99,999%. A disinfectant will also kill a wider range of microorganisms such and certain fungi, bacteria and some viruses. The main difference is the efficacy strength of the 2 products.
How long is Medical Grade SANI-99 effective after being sprayed on a surface?

As long it takes for the next contamination to take place.

What is the main difference between alcohol-based products & Medical Grade SANI-99™?

Alcohol based products are effective for a very short period of time. There is absolutely no guarantee that alcohol in a diluted form, will have the efficacy as claimed on the bottle. Apart from the terrible smell and being flammable, it also damages sensitive skin. Medical Grade SANI-99™ remains active for a long period and is not flammable.

Is Medical Grade SANI-99 as a good sanitizer as a 70% alcohol-based product?

No. Medical Grade SANI-99 is better! It has a >5 log (99.999%) efficacy in 10 seconds and keeps gaining strength. SANI-99 is >6 Log (99,99995%) effective at 5 minutes.

When diluted at 70%, alcohol-based products will only have a 10-20 second window to kill pathogens. Thereafter its efficacy drops dramatically whereas Medical Grade SANI-99 increase in strength.

Why are people instructed by WHO and Government to buy 70% alcohol-based product and not Medical Grade SANI-99?

These two groups are not aware of alternative non-alcohol hand and surface disinfectants. They have been using alcohol for the past 50 years and have not moved on with time and technology. This mindset will hopefully change soon. If they knew of better alternatives, they would not have forced schools to use flammable and skin damaging alcohol-based products.

Will Medical Grade SANI-99™ bleach fabrics?
Certain fabrics are more prone to bleaching than other. We know that viscose is highly susceptible for bleaching and polyester not. But always keep in mind that a disinfectant is designed for surfaces and not to disinfect fabrics.