Environmentally Responsible

Alcohol-based sanitisers are currently the largest contributor of plastic bottle pollution. As this disinfectant is in powder form and prepared by mixing with water, means that you will only need ONE CONTAINER FOR LIFE. There is no need to purchase a new container or bottle when the disinfectant runs out – you simply refill it.

Compared to alcohol-based sanitisers, the size and weight of the SANI-99™ sachet means that less trucks are required for transportation. Transporting 2 million liters of alcohol-based sanitiser would require sixty-six 30-ton trucks. Two million SANI-99™ sachets, which prepares 2 million liters of disinfectant, would only need ONE 30-ton truck.


Packed in high quality triple foil sachets.

Disinfecting efficacy of 99.99995%.

Available in powder format, making it convenient and lightweight to transport.

Non-Alcohol and Non-Chlorine.

SANI-99™ is packaged in a 6g sachet to make 1 liter of disinfectant.


Exact dosage. A person cannot “under dose” as with some alternatives found in the market.


The active ingredient is approved by the EPA. It has a full “Green Circle” classification as per: LIST OF SAFE CHEMICALS BY EPA.
3 of the ingredients in Sani-99 has the EPA “Green Circle Classification”